For Consignors

Beginning January 1st, 2020 The Family Vision is streamlining our consignment practice that will save you an enormous amount of time!


No more worrying about what day we accept consignment or what time of day it is because we will take your items anytime we are open every single day.

When you get here fill out your contact information on a page we will give you… and that’s it! Please continue reading below the rest of the policy changes and updates. As always, thank you for considering selling your consignment items through The Family Vision!

The Family Vision Consignment Policy

*Consigners will be paid 50% of the final sale price of their items

*TFV will set, adjust, or discount prices at their discretion

  • Items are full price the quarter they are entered
  • Second quarter items are full price
  • Third quarter items are discounted 25%
  • Fourth quarter items are discounted 50%

*Settlement for consignment will take place once a quarter

*All materials brought in for consignment will be subject to review before they are accepted. All materials become the property of The Family Vision.

*Unsold items will not be returned.


Acceptable materials are as follows:

*Homeschool curriculum, quality textbooks, literature books and biographies related to curriculum, support materials such as guides, lesson planners, how-to guides, unit studies, Bibles and Bible curriculum.

Unacceptable materials are as follows:

*Curriculum that is outdated will not be consigned. It will be disposed of at our discretion. Any questions please call ahead or ask when you drop your items off.

*Audio cassettes, VHS, SOS, or outdated software

*Damaged items, including books with writing, missing pages, pet, mold, or smoke odors

*Religious books outside of those listed above will be donated or sold at the Jefferson Sale.